My Apprenticeship - Wednesday, July 28, 2004

This summer I'm revisiting my short apprenticeship at Object Mentor. I'll be posting commentary on all my posts from the summer of 2004 exactly 5 years later to the day.

Wednesday 7-28-04

Not a whole lot going on today. I messed around with Word Press. Paul continues to remove the html from FitNesse. Which is more like storing the html inside methods so that the chance of a typo is reduced -- if you have to constantly add in a bunch of cryptic strings then you probably will mistype somewhere which can cause hard to find problems. However, if you make a method that adds in a html tag, then either every instance of that tag works or fails. The IDE will tell you if you've entered the method correctly, thereby reducing the chance of a typo causing a troublesome error.

Susan and Ellen are pretty swamped under the pressure of getting XPAU up and running. David's having a good time with his class, but they're working him like a red headed stepchild.

I got to meet Micah's wife Angelique and their cute-as-a-button son today. Luka responds to French, because Angelique was born in France. We all had a good time watching him toddle around OM. 'Don't put that in your mouth' seems way cuter in French.

My Earthlink DSL is down at home. I sent the Earthlink crew a long email detailing all the things I tried. They sent me back a standard response that asks if I've tried shutting down the computer and modem and then restarting. Of course, I mentioned that I had already done this in the initial email. Sigh.

Earthlink? I forgot that I had DSL for awhile -- it was terrible. Now I have RCN and it's terrible. For awhile I had Comcast and it was terrible. There's a theme here... Is moderately fast and reliable so hard to figure out? This morning I spent 10 minutes waiting for a 10 meg podcast to download. It still had '25 minutes' to go when I had leave for my train.

I saw Luka a few months ago -- He's still very cute. And he has an iPod touch.

I want an iPod touch. Luka has a portable game machine/music player 10 times better than all the audio/video equipment I owned before the age of 25. Oh to be the child of a nerd with money.


Micah said…
You might think that Luka has a n iPod touch, but that's just because he likes to borrow his mom's and dad's iPhone all the time.
Jake Scruggs said…
Good. I feel better now. But seriously -- last time I saw him that thing was never out of his hands. How often do you get to use your iPhone?

Oh and sorry about spelling you kid's name wrong a bunch of times -- I'll have my fact checkers fired.

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