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Software Apprenticeship Podcast Episode 3 is Out

This week we start off by throwing Jonathan into the deep end of pool where he pairs with an experienced developer on a 10 year old Java project that is the core of our signature product: Backstop.  Of course the company is called Backstop Solutions and so, in order to avoid confusion, we gave the project a different name for internal use:  Fund Butter.  The mystery of how such a terrible thing came to pass is revealed in this very episode. There’s no way we couldn’t discuss DHH’s Rails Conf declaration and blog post: “TDD is dead. Long live testing.” This, of course, leads to a discussion of our team’s test philosophy. You can find it on iTunes (search for Software Apprenticeship Podcast), any podcast app’s search function, Google, this temp page: or use the RSS feed directly if your into that sort of thing: Our panel (composed of Toby Tripp , Matt Pyra,