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Metric Fu's Churn Now Supports Git

I just released version 0.8.0 of MetricFu. New in this release: Source Control Churn now supports Git (thanks to Erik St Martin) Flog Results are sorted by highest Flog Score Fix for a bunch of 'already initialized constant' warnings that metric_fu caused The flog reporter can now handle methods with digits in their name (thanks to Andy Gregorowicz) Internal Rake task now allows metric_fu to flog/churn itself To use the Churn task to find files that change a lot with Git, put this in your Rakefile: MetricFu::CHURN_OPTIONS = {:scm => :git} MetricFu is a Ruby Gem that gives you a fist full of code metrics. Find out more at the home page .

Subversion Binary Image Conflict Solution

Today it was my turn to merge in some bug fixes and updates into the current branch. And we had a conflict on an image file. What to do? Well, if you want to keep the incoming change then use 'svn resolved' or if you like the old one then 'svn revert' Yep, I totally knew that and didn't spend an hour looking around the internet only to find a solution that only applied to svn 1.5 which doesn't work with svn 1.4 Merging sure is fun.