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Ruby Kaigi 2010 Day 3

Last day of Ruby Kaigi! Sad to see it go, it's been a great conference. As per usual Tweets are in bulleted italics and the rest is after the fact commentary. First I've got to show you the commemorative fans they were handing out: It's Matz and... Someone else (sorry if it's obvious - I don't know). And of course they are programing in the bath. BigDecimal: You can handle numbers as large as can fit into memory as opposed to the IEEE double #rubykaigi BigMath is the Math module for BigDecimal #rubykaigi Lots of different rounding modes in BigDecimal #rubykaigi BigDecimal.mode is global per process - not thread safe #rubykaigi So BigDecimal is Fiber unsafe #rubykaigi Bummer. .@mrkn implemented a solution storing mode in thread local #rubykaigi Oh good. Wait, is that in 1.9.2 or trunk. I'd have to be in 1.9.2 right? To the Google! ... Yep, seems like it made it in: You can now change modes in a block (added to trunk

Ruby Kaigi 2010 Day 2

Holy crap am I tired. It's been a long awesome day. It started out with some excitement: Just found out I have an hour time slot when all I prepared was 30 minutes. Ok, time to write some more. #rubykaigi Panic! Maybe I'll talk about metric_fu a bit. #rubykaigi I must have looked at that schedule 20 times and never realized that I had an hour slot. Everyone else had 30 minutes so I thought I did too. Attendees of "The Importance and Implementation of Speedy Tests" will also get "Metrics Based Refactoring" at no additional cost! #rubykaigi I did something I almost never do: Look at crisis as an opportunity (crisi-tunity). I had to write "Metrics Based Refactoring" anyway for Windy City Rails so why not write it now. In less than 4 hours. While watching my friends present at a conference. Looking over those sentences now I can't believe I didn't freak out. Ted Han used publicly available data to settle reviewing bais accusations agains

Ruby Kaigi 2010 Day 1

Here I am in Japan at RubyKaigi 2010. Wow. Generally I tweet a lot about the conf live and then publish those tweets here (in italics) and provide slightly more commentary. So lets get it on. So my flight leaves at noon for #rubykaigi, takes 13 hours, and arrives at 3pm tomorrow... Wait -- that can't be right. #looksitupagain Before today's trip to Japan the furthest from the U.S.A. I've ever been is: Canada. #howisthatpossible In cab. It has begun. Someone once said "If you've never missed a flight you're spending too much time in airports" #atgate2hoursearly Yep - can you feel the panic in those first couple of tweets? I was totally freaked out. The actual trip turned out to be easy. I met up with Chad Fowler, Yehuda, and Woody at the airport and we took a bus straight to Tsukuba. I went to an exotic foreign land and the first thing I did was take a bus through 100 minutes of strip malls. But I was in Japan. And Yehuda held forth on 'snowmen