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Rails Conf 2010 Day 3

A few days late on this because I've been sick all weekend. There just has to be a way to do climate control in conference centers in such a way as to not destroy the planet and, more importantly, Jake's health. I seriously wore black jeans and 2 shirts on hot summer days and yet I was shivering and caught a cold. But let's get to last day of Rails Conf 2010 and my exciting adventures therein. (tweets are in italics ) Woke to "Relax" by Frankie Goes to Hollywood. Which is good 'cause my heart was pounding. Settled it with some bacon. #railsconf Yep, I could feel cold coming but I was in denial. I ran into Neal Ford at breakfast and we chit chatted about this and that and then he mentioned that he had read my blog post from yesterday. First thought: I published that sucker at 1am this morning and he's read it already? Second thought: Oh shit, what did I say about his keynote -- I think I called him a jerk at some point. But my brain was foggy a

Rails Conf 2010 Day 2

Only 40 tweets today (re and otherwise). I must be slowing down in my old age. Tweets are in italics . Today's morning music was "Bulletproof" by Pop Will Eat Itself. Cram that in your head @ryanbriones Ryan was complaining yesterday that he had the theme from flash stuck in his head all day because of me. That sounds awesome! I had a Daft Punk song stuck in my head all day today and I was a better person for it. Trying to work on my Lightning Talk. Lightning talks are usually the best part of any conf so it better be good. 4:25 today #railsconf Lightning talk is finished. Title: "ActiveMQ and ActiveMessaging: I've Experienced the Pain So You Don't Have To" #railsconf Yeah, I got up, worked out, ate eggs wrapped in cheese and bacon, showered and then realized I had gotten up an hour early by mistake. Opportunity! So I worked on the lightning talk. To be honest, I was kinda pissed at myself for the boneheaded alarm mishandling but if it doesn&

Rails Conf 2010 Day 1

I tweeted 73 times today. What the hell is wrong with me? When twitter went down in the middle of the day I panicked until I realized that things continue to exist even if you don't tweet about them. Anyway, here's my thoughts on Rails Conf Day the First interspersed with relevant tweets in italics and director's commentary. (Is this Lazy? Yes -- Bite me.) Woke up to "Theme Song from Shaft" -- Bring it #railsconf Set the old iPod classic to some inspirational music to psyche myself up for a day of interacting with strangers. 160 Gigs of storage -- take that solid staters. I ate my customary breakfast of bacon topped with eggs, salt, and cheese and then was off to the castle-like mammoth Baltimore conference center. Keynote - David Heinemeier Hansson Number 1 Fave of DHH in Rails 3: Bundler. #railsconf Nice to see some validation of my blatant fan-boy cheering on of Bundler. DHH loves it so suck it, haters. DHH - "When I would swear Bundler wa

Rails Conf 2010 Tutorial Day

Here I am at Rails Conf 2010 in scenic Baltimore, MD and these are my thoughts on the tutorial day. The Rails 3 Ropes Course - Gregg Pollack and his band of minions (Nathaniel Bibler, Thomas Meeks, Jacob Swanner, Tyler Hunt, Mark Kendall, and Caike Souza) The worst thing about this presentation is that is was so informative, slick, and well paced that it spoiled me for the afternoon session -- But more on that later. Gregg et al. took on an ambitious task and knocked it out of the park. They discussed a number of new things in Rails 3 and had 5 labs to work through. Every time I was just about done with my lab time was just about up and we moved on. Speaking as a former teacher, that is damn hard to do. Details: When setting up a Rails 3 app you can do some interesting things like skip active record, or test unit, or git (What? By default Rails 3 will create an intelligent .gitignore file for you as every Rails developer uses Git (heh)). You can do things like this because of t