Hey did you know that some versions of Ruby 1.8.6 don't return the right error codes?

I didn't. The box I was setting up CruiseControl.rb on today had some crazy early version of Ruby 1.8.6 and so test failures returned a code of '0'. Which meant the build would not fail until I upgraded to a more modern 1.8.6. Patch level 114 did the trick. Why are we using 1.8.6 on a new project? Well mostly so we can run along side an older Rails app using 1.8.6, but also because 1.8.7 doesn't really offer that much more to justify the headache of running two rubys on one box, and finnaly because I have no idea when 1.9x will be acceptable on all the gems I use.

Good times.


Toby Tripp said…
Toby Tripp said…
Also, we ran into this problem in ATL. If I remember correctly, it was _actually_ a problem with Rake, not Ruby. But you know how bad my memory is...

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