MetricFu 1.0.0 is Out

What's new:
  • Merged in Grant McInnes' work on creating yaml output for all metrics to aid harvesting by other tools
  • Supporting Flog 2.1.0
  • Supporting Reek 1.0.0
  • Removed dependency on Rails Env for 3.months.ago (for churn report), now using chronic gem ("3 months ago").
  • Almost all code is out of Rakefiles now and so is more easily testable
  • Metrics inherit from a refactored Generator now. New metrics generators just have to implement "emit", "analyze", "to_h" and inherit from Generator. They also must have a template. See the flay generator and template for a simple implementation.
  • You now define the metrics you wish to run in the configuration and then run "metrics:all". No other metrics task is exposed by default.

Full documentation, as always, is at:

Let the Google group ( know about any bugs you find.


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