Craftsman Swap Begins Today

This morning instead of taking a train to downtown Chicago I'll be driving to the northern suburb of Libertyville and working at 8th Light for a week. Obtiva (my company) is participating in a craftsman swap so 8th Light will be sending someone down to Obtiva whilst I work with 8th Light. This should be pretty interesting as the last time I worked with some of the 8th Lighters I was an apprentice at Object Mentor.


Dahlia Bock said…
hey that's cool that you were an Object Mentor apprentice! Have to pick your brain at some point about how that's like. How's things at Obtiva?
Jake Scruggs said…
Obtiva's great - it's pretty cool to work with smaller clients and get involved in all aspects of the development (selling, planning, coding, deployment, maintenance). You can read about my apprenticeship at to hear from you -- hope things are going well at ThoughtWorks.
Dahlia Bock said…
That's cool! Sounds like what we were told was gonna happen at ThoughtWorks :) I'm doing alright. On LOA at the moment. Can't decide whether I like waking up every morning and knowing i don't *have* to do anything at all :)

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