Metric Fu Now Includes Flay, Roodi, and Reek

I released metric_fu 0.9.0 last night and just look at all the super cool changes since 0.8.0:
  • Flay task finds duplication and structural similarities in your project
  • Reek identifies common code smells
  • Roodi finds mistakes and troublesome code
  • A configuration class so you can configure like the big boys
  • Standardization of the reports look and feel
  • Increased RSpec coverage
  • Source control type is auto-detected for Churn task
  • Under the hood refactoring to make adding new metrics reports easy
Of course it still does all the old stuff like 2 different types of complexity reports, code churn analysis, code coverage, and good old Rails stats. Set up a Cruise Control task to generate metrics reports every day and then you pinpoint the exact moment your project went to hell (or possibly avoid that fate -- your call).

Check out the project home page at:

The best part about this whole thing is that almost everything added since release 0.8 has been added by the metric_fu community -- check out this impact graph on github.

Thanks go out to: Petrik de Heus, Andre Arko, Jay Zeschin, Lars Hoeg, Andy Gregorowicz, Sean Soper, and Bastien


Anonymous said…
Awesome, absolutely awesome. I use metric_fu for all my projects, and since I use both flay and reek, this is quite a piece of news for me.

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