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Metric Fu Now Includes Flay, Roodi, and Reek

I released metric_fu 0.9.0 last night and just look at all the super cool changes since 0.8.0:
Flay task finds duplication and structural similarities in your projectReek identifies common code smellsRoodi finds mistakes and troublesome codeA configuration class so you can configure like the big boysStandardization of the reports look and feelIncreased RSpec coverageSource control type is auto-detected for Churn taskUnder the hood refactoring to make adding new metrics reports easyOf course it still does all the old stuff like 2 different types of complexity reports, code churn analysis, code coverage, and good old Rails stats. Set up a Cruise Control task to generate metrics reports every day and then you pinpoint the exact moment your project went to hell (or possibly avoid that fate -- your call).

Check out the project home page at:

The best part about this whole thing is that almost everything added since release 0.8 has been added by the metric_fu com…